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New OptimaPosture™ Corrector

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Regain your confidence and straight posture with this innovative posture corrective device. Supporting your musculoskeletal structure in all the right places, it correctly aligns your neck, shoulders, and back, which trains your back at maintaining an upright position.

ENHANCE POSTURE – OptimaPosture brace works by exerting light pressure on your back and taking full advantage of your muscle memory. When the brace is worn it restrains your back and “fixes” it in the correct, straight position. Over time your muscles will learn and “memorize” your new posture and you won’t even need a brace anymore!

REDUCE BACK PAIN – Long-term effects of poor posture include back pain, lethargy, poor blood circulation, and even nerve damage. These problems increase exponentially as you age. Do not wait until it is too late, maintain your back health thoroughly with OptimaPosture correctors coupled physical therapy.

MAXIMUM COMFORT – OptimaPosture braces were specifically designed with comfort and mobility in mind. We wanted to create a product that won’t be too heavy, bulky or obstructive. Our braces are made out of very light, synthetic materials that are soft to the touch and do not irritate the skin in any way. Feel free to wear OptimaPosture with or without clothing!

COMPLETELY UNNOTICEABLE – If you are worried that your colleagues might think that wearing a posture corrector at the office is silly -- Do not worry, because all models are virtually impossible to spot under clothing. Furthermore, healthy is trendy!

Please, check your size before placing order!

Customer Reviews

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It is really good, but more padding is needed on the armpit and neck area.


New OptimaPosture™ Corrector


I'm really happy with the product! I'm 6'4" and 200lbs. The large seems a little big though. if I could order again I'd order a medium.


order atleast three times for people around me, cause, when they seen it on me, they want this also 😂


I am liking this brace, it's very simple but useful and well made