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Do Posture Correctors Really Work?

What are posture correctors?

Back posture correctors are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as more and more people become aware of the problems associated with poor posture. Over the past century, people of the western world became much less physically active. A lot of jobs involve sitting at a desk or a computer and most of the time people do not particularly pay attention to how they are sitting. 


sitting with correct posture


Think about your day for example, when you were a kid you used to carry that heavy backpack to school (we all did), then sit in class for 6-7 hours. Personally, I remember how uncomfortable it was to try and sit through the whole day on a hard wooden chair. 
Right now adolescents spend most of the time either on the phone or the computer which also negatively affects posture unless 
they are sitting appropriately, which, most of the time, they are not. People start to experience back pain now, and it only worsens with age, so they are looking for a solution.


students sitting in class


Are posture correctors necessary?

While you do not absolutely require a posture corrector, it is, in fact, a very useful tool or accessory to help you build a straight posture. At the most basic level, a posture corrector is simply a device used to retrain your back musculature so that it maintains an upright position without a lot of effort. Think about it as some sort of tool/accessory that you use in the gym to facilitate your workout. 


How to wear a posture corrector


The reason why most of the people have poor posture is that when you walk or sit you do not particularly think about the way you do it, you probably have something more important going on in your head. Well, there is no problem with that of course. However, over time you simply get used to sitting or walking incorrectly. In order to train yourself to maintain good posture, you need to actually hold your back in a straight position with your back muscles. 


Correct posture diagram


You will need to actually concentrate on it and sit up straight throughout the day. Of course, if you will be able to do it for some time, you will also get used to it and you will gain a correct posture,
people definitely have. However, if you have ever tried it, you know that it can be quite hard. 

The point of the corrector is to basically free you of the need to apply the effort. 

You just wear it on top of your t-shirt, and it just does the job. 

The mechanism is very simple. As you adjust the straps, it 
tightens and therefore applies pressure on your back and shoulders and straightens them out. You can definitely feel it but you don’t actually have to hold it up with effort using your muscles.


Posture corrector shoulders  

Posture corrector for women


Okay, but why do you even need good posture? 

There really is a number of issues associated with poor posture. If you are slouching or slumping over it can misalign your musculoskeletal system, which will wear away at your spine and make it more fragile and prone to injury. It can provoke neck, back and shoulder pain which will definitely decrease flexibility. Since our body is all interconnected, your poor posture will affect the way your arms and legs and pelvis aligned as well, which in turn affects your balance. 


avoid back pain and pinched nerve


Should I keep going? This list is quite large, but the two biggest points that I would like to highlight are that it can make it harder for you to digest food and make it harder to breathe, because of the restrictions on the diaphragm. Obviously, most of the population is not experiencing these issues right now even if they have poor posture. But nothing in this world happens overnight. If you keep on slouching or slumping it will just get worse over time, and if right now some of these “symptoms” do not bother you, they will definitely come with age, unless you are mindful of your posture.


how to prevent backpain


Besides the health issues, there are two additional important points to consider. When you stand up correctly you actually appear taller and thinner. That is because when your spine is aligned correctly, the vertebrae are spread out evenly and you are actually physically taller. (because your spine is longer) You appear thinner because now your weight is distributed across a longer body if you will. Also, it makes you look much more confident, look at any photo of a person that is slouching and another one that is standing straight and you will know what I am talking about.


how to sit correctly at the computer


Your energy levels. When you are slouching the volume of your ribcage is decreased because your skeleton is misaligned, that does not allow your lungs to inflate fully and your diaphragm to function properly. You get less oxygen to your body and brain which can affect your energy levels and make you feel fatigued.


Are there different types of posture correctors? 

Yes, there is a number of different posture correctors. Some people might even require a specially designed back brace if they have experienced some injury in the past. We design posture correctors for everyday use, for an average person. 



Is this the right thing for you?

If you are looking to appear a little taller, more confident and generally healthier then you just wear the posture corrector for 30-60 minutes (as long as you are comfortable), and in a month or two you should already get used to holding your posture straight if you have been wearing it consistently. 
If you are experiencing back pains or discomfort you will also benefit from the corrector because it will relieve pressure off your spine. 

back pain in the US

I personally use it at home when I am working at the computer. Also, I find it useful at the gym when I do the heavy lifting to ensure that my back is straight to avoid injury and using weight really trains my back well. Wear it anywhere really. 
The design allows you to completely hide it under a shirt or even a t-shirt if you really want to, so you can go to work without people giving you any looks whatsoever. Interesting fact: this article was written while I was wearing my posture corrector :)



So yeah, in conclusion I would like to add that posture corrector do actually work and are a good investment considering how many problems it can save you when you age. Thank you for your attention and remember to be mindful of your posture! If you are interested in acquiring a posture corrector yourself then make sure to checkout our exclusive offer below! While our classic model is back in stock, we are running a 50% OFF + Free WorldWide Shipping Promo.



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