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Light orthopedical design of OptimaPosture correctors allows you to wear them at work or home, during your workout or while walking in the park. The corrector exerts pressure which provides solid back support, it keeps your back in a straight, healthy position and helps improve and reverse problems associated with poor posture.

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Why OptimaPosture?

  • Easy, non-intrusive way to correct your posture.

    OptimaPosture™ correctors can be comfortably worn under clothing at home or at work providing an efficient, passive solution to correcting poor posture.

  • Convenient, orthopedic design, at full functionality.

    All models are designed to be very light and compact in order to enhance comfort when worn actively. Fully adjustable to your personal requirements.

  • Lower the pressure on the spine, provide back support.

    Our products provide enhanced back support and help avoid a lot of structural implications associated with the effects of long-term poor posture.

Do your back a favor!

While wearing Optima Posture Correctors you are training your back to hold its proper, upright position.

Over time your muscle memory will adapt and you will have correct posture without any help from the corrector.


  • Marian Barton

    So far this product has been great for me. I have pretty bad slouching habits that annoy my wife so I decided to give OptimaPosture a try and I am glad I did, it works exactly as marketed and the results are pretty significant. Now, I walk like a proper man.

  • Margie Schumm

    I am loving the posture corrector I got at OptimaPosture! This thing is awesome and I can feel a big difference in fitness since I've started to wear it. I feel much more energetic and my mind is clear. Now, I wear it for most of the day and definitely recommend.

  • Mallory Kling

    Working in the office environment for the majority of my life I have developed some unhealthy posture habits which almost led to an injury. Since I found out about these correctors my back pains have decreased significantly. Definitely, a must if you have back pain!